Woman Who Has Lived In Same House For Almost 105 Yrs Says ‘They’ll Take Me From Here’

A lady who has lived in the same home for over 105 years has intimated that she has no plans to leave anytime soon, expecting that ‘they’ll remove me from here’.

If you’ve already committed to something for more than a century, you may as well stick with it.

Elsie Allcock was born at the Huthwaite house in 1918 and has lived there since. So, when Elsie turns 105 next month, she’ll be enjoying her 105th year at the Barker Street residence.

The great-great-grandmother had two kids, six grandkids, 14 great-grandchildren, and 11 great-great-grandchildren throughout her lifetime, all while living in the same terraced two-bed.

It’s also where she lived for both World Wars, the first moon landing, the rise and collapse of the Soviet Union, a pandemic or two, 22 prime ministers, and now five monarchs!

She moved there as the youngest of the five kids, then remained to care for her father when her mother died of pneumonia.

She finally moved there with her husband, Bill, whom she married in 1941, and paid just £250 for the home.

They didn’t have £250, so she went to the council to request a loan, as she told last year. They agreed, and they got the home.

They kept the outside toilet because it still works. There has been very little change, and she couldn’t be happier anywhere else.

At this time, she claims to be so acquainted with it that she could make her way around it in the dark.

Today, the home is worth roughly £75,000, making it an excellent investment.

Elsie still resides in the home with her surviving son, Ray, who was born there as well and is now 76 years old.

Ray told about his mother’s dedication to the property: One comes in the house and one does not find her. She is either upstairs or outside doing something.

He bets one will find a duster in her pocket. She’s never stopped, and one can’t make her stop.

She was born here, and they’ll take her away, Elsie said. She never truly wished to move anyway.

Elsie intends to hold a large party at her childhood home to commemorate her milestone birthday and anniversary next month.

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