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Tyler Perry promises to help a 93-year-old woman stay in her home when developers attempt to evict her.

Tyler Perry is standing behind Josephine Wright, an elderly lady who is fighting for her house in court.

The 93-year-old South Carolinian said that developers have been pestering her and trying to push her to sell her land.

Wright, a grandmother to 40, great-grandmother to 50, and great-great-grandmother to 16, told that her Hilton Head house is where she wishes to be at this age—and she’ll fight anybody who comes in her way.

She has been pretty much a fighter her whole life, Wright expressed.

Wright’s house has been in her family since the Civil War’s aftermath. The Union troops freed the ancestors of her husband.

An investment firm building the land behind Wright’s house has filed a lawsuit claiming that sections of the house are on their property.

She thinks they assumed she’d get so tired of the harassment that she’d just accept it. But they don’t know who she is. She is here to defend what she has.

The suffering of the tenacious South Carolinian has already reached Hollywood and piqued the interest of director and philanthropist Perry, 53.

He posted the report of Wright’s battle on Instagram and expressed his support.

In his post, the actor cited Wright (“I’ve pretty much been a fighter all my life”) and added, “Ms. Wright, please tell where to show up and what you need to help you fight.”

Meek Mill and Fantasia Barrino, among others, praised Perry’s backing and vowed their own.

“Corporate bullying at its finest…this super hero status!” Mill commented, and Barrino added, “I will stand with you as well, Tyler.”

This isn’t the first time Perry, who earned the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award at the 2021 Academy Awards, has used his fortune to assist older people in saving their houses.

A source told in February that Perry gave $750,000 to assist avoid the eviction of low-income elders in Atlanta.

The contribution, which is meant to freeze property taxes for a group of senior inhabitants of the Georgia capital for the next 20 years, would also include around $500,000 contributed per year for the following five years, according to the source.

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