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Veteran Helps Struggling Single Mom, Only To Be Lured Into Garage For A Setup.

Adam Ely is the owner of Hard Luck Automotive in Mustang, Oklahoma. And, as the name implies, the technician is more than happy to assist people who are in need. When Ely, a US Army veteran, heard Candice Berry’s tale, he saw a chance to stand up and serve his community as he had served his nation.

Candice, a single mother with a small boy, had just purchased the vehicle, but she immediately discovered that it was not without its flaws. The brakes need to be changed, the purge valve needs to be replaced, and the speedometer is off, Candice said, detailing her truck’s problems. Although she understood the purge valve and speedometer could be repaired later, she needed her brakes to be repaired if she wanted the vehicle to be safe.

But there was an issue. Candice said she didn’t have the money for the repairs and didn’t know how long she could drive before her brakes failed. She needed the vehicle to remain secure since it was her daily driver, taking her to work and her kids to school. Candice allegedly called garage after garage, only to be quoted a price she couldn’t afford, until contacting Adam Ely.

Candice chose to contact the veteran since he had a reputation for assisting folks who couldn’t afford large repair fees. After hearing her plight, the kind-hearted veteran volunteered to assist the struggling single mother with her vehicle. Adam offered Candice a quote for only the components and told her he’d perform the work for free if she brought the vehicle to his garage.

Not only was Adam offering to repair her vehicle for the cost of parts, but he also got Candice scheduled for an appointment. She promptly agreed and planned the repairs, but then she spotted an opening and devised a new scheme. She would take her vehicle to Adam’s shop, but she would be accompanied by someone else, unknown to the kind mechanic who volunteered his assistance.

Adam had no idea that while he drove to work, intending to fix Candice’s vehicle, she had a plan. Candice had figured out a way to reward his generosity, and he had played right into her hands. When he arrived at the garage to service her vehicle, he unlocked the door only to discover he’d been duped, and Candice was behind it all.

Candice Berry learned she could get the job done without the stress of driving a dangerous vehicle while saving money, and she was grateful to the guy who made it happen. Candice thus recommended Adam Ely for the First Fidelity Bank Pay It Forward Award.

Dawnetta Moore of First Fidelity Bank came out to Adam’s garage and offered Candice $400 to pay it forward to Adam, who had no clue he had won. But, thanks to his wife’s assistance, the Pay It Forward team was ready and waiting for him to come on the day he was supposed to repair Candice’s vehicle.

He was a mechanic in the military, Adam said. He saw a need. One of the young girls with whom his daughter works had an automobile accident. She was a Domino’s pizza delivery girl, and his wife and he talked about it, and the rest is history, he continued, describing how his humanitarian work began.

Adam said that he just kind of aided her. He realized there was a need for it. She couldn’t afford to take her vehicle to the dealership to be diagnosed, so they took care of it. It was pretty incredible to see that little girl drive out of the driveway with her car fixed, knowing she didn’t have to quit her job, you know? That he was able to make a difference and assist someone.

Adam’s services are in high demand in his neighborhood, and he often has more work than he can handle. So he takes additional time to instruct, allowing Candice and her son Jace to enter the garage to learn how to operate the truck and maybe save even more money in the future.

Candice said that she has no idea how to change her oil, change her brakes, or anything like that. She is thrilled since she’ll be able to observe Adam’s actions and then know what she is doing. She is also excited, as she must understand these things about the truck so that she can help herself in the future.

She is thankful to be able to give this to him, Candice said of the prize. She cannot imagine someone more deserving who takes time away from his family and from things he could be doing for himself to help strangers, and she is simply grateful, she said of the compassionate veteran.

It’s hardly surprising that Adam Ely jumped right in to help people in need. He is accustomed to giving his best for others as a veteran. He now helps his community by utilizing the talents he obtained while serving his nation as a soldier. The generosity, empathy, and eagerness to assist others shown by Adam and Candice teach us all that what goes around comes around — and happily, that includes goodwill.

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